Goal Zero Yeti 500X Solar Kit With Boulder 50

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Brand: Goal Zero

Color: One Color


  • Material: monocrystalline, tempered glass and aluminum frame
  • Solar Panel Output: 50W
  • Battery Type: Li-ion NMC
  • Battery Capacity: 10.8V, 46.8Ah (505Wh)
  • Charge Time: [car charger, 120W) 4.5 hours, [wall charger, 60W] 8.5 hours, [Nomad 20] 29-58 hours, [Nomad 50] 12-24 hours, [Boulder 50] 12-24 hours, [Nomad 100] 6-12 hours, [Boulder 100 Briefcase] 6-12 hours, [Boulder 100] 6-12 hours, [Boulder 200 Briefcase] 3-6 hours

Details: Stay on the grid with Goal Zero's Yeti 500X Solar Kit with Boulder 50. Charge your Yeti 500X at home or on the go with the Boulder 50 to keep medical devices, phones, tablets, and even portable fridges running while camping or adventuring. The Boulder 50 features a kickstand so you can get the best possible angle for harnessing solar power and the Yeti 500X has a handle for easy and convenient transportation and storage.

Package Dimensions: 31.0 x 26.0 x 14.0 inches