Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap (30ft), Shackle Hitch Receiver, w/ Heavy Duty Storage Bag

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Brand: Rhino USA, Inc.

Color: 30' Strap + Hitch


  • ▶ SUPPORT A SMALL FAMILY CO. - Includes Heavy Duty 30ft Rhino Tow Strap + Shackle Hitch Receiver
  • ▶ THE ULTIMATE RECOVERY STRAP - Made from Rhino USA’s Exclusive Poly/Silk Webbing, Ensuring the Softest, yet Toughest Quality Anywhere!
  • ▶ HEAVY DUTY STORAGE BAG - Carry Bag Strong Enough to Hold 20+ lbs for All Vehicle Accessories!
  • ▶ CONFIDENCE & PEACE OF MIND - Knowing you Have top Quality Equipment to get you out of any Situation!
  • ▶ GUARANTEED 5-STAR EXPERIENCE - If you aren't 100% Satisfied for any Reason, We'll Refund your Money

Details: (1) 3" x 30' Recovery Tow Strap (1) Shackle Hitch Receiver + Storage Bag Tow Strap: Lab Tested 10,663lbs Working Load Limit 31,518lbs Maximum Break Strength Shackle Hitch: Lab Tested 10,472lbs Working Load Limit 31,418lbs Maximum Break Strength Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Package Dimensions: 13.6 x 8.7 x 6.2 inches